Code of Conduct - Policies & Procedures 





Attendance [BYLAWS Article II, Section 1.1, (a) 4]

A Performing Member may not miss more than three (3) rehearsals per quarter unless absences are excused by the Artistic Director or the Artistic Director’s designee. 


If you incur a 4th absence you will be asked to sing with a member of the Artistic Team to make sure you’re where you should be as it pertains to memorization, quality, and understanding of the music for the quarter.


After 5 absences you will be automatically placed on leave and will not be allowed to sing in that concert.




Tech/Dress Attendance. Each singing member is expected to attend both the Technical and Dress rehearsal prior to the performance. Failure to be at one or both may result in the singer being placed on a leave of absence and they will not be allowed to perform.


Performance Expectation It is expected that all singers will be present at all performances. If work, illness, or travel will prevent you from attending a performance you may request to be excused by contacting the Director of Artistic Operations as soon as you are aware of your conflict. Sections counts will be monitored and singers will be notified when there are low numbers to avoid an unbalanced sound.