Code of Conduct - Policies & Procedures 




Our Choruses have a long history of being open and non-judgmental communities in which the ability to participate is based solely on one’s skills, abilities, and commitment. Occasionally, this value comes into tension with the duty of the Choruses to protect our Members, audiences, and the Choruses’ reputation from harm. It is FHP’s position that it is the job of the civic authorities, not the Choruses, to pass judgment concerning individual Members who run afoul of civic laws. Accordingly, we leave it to the authorities to decide who is guilty and who is not, who deserves punishment, and at what point an offender’s debt to society has been paid. Our willingness to allow individuals with criminal records to participate as Members is thus guided by the presumed wisdom of the legal system and the U.S. Constitution.

  • Members with criminal backgrounds who have successfully discharged their obligations as offenders, and whose activities and movements are not limited by the courts, will not have their Chorus activities restricted solely by virtue of their past history. Members whose activities are prescribed in some manner are required to bring such limitations to the immediate attention of the Executive Director or Artistic Director, who will determine whether participation will be possible, and under what terms.

  • Members with past criminal backgrounds who do participate within the organization should bear in mind that their behavior and activities will be subject to ongoing scrutiny. Should a Member be named as a suspect, placed under arrest, and/or arraigned for a felony while a Member of the Choruses, that Member’s Membership will be suspended pending resolution of the case.

  • Finally, when a Member’s history or activities in the community have earned them such a degree of notoriety that their continuing participation would, in the opinion of the Choruses, severely harm the organization’s reputation, that individual’s Membership may be refused or terminated regardless of their present good behavior.