Code of Conduct - Policies & Procedures 





Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus routinely engage in a wide range of activities where Members interface with the public. These include not only our performances, but also activities like PR appearances, fundraisers, tours, retreats, social events, and other situations that bring us into contact with people outside the organization. These interactions may be face-to-face, or be conducted as long distance communications such as phone calls, emails, on social media, etc.


  • When representing the Choruses at public events and performances, Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and congenial manner on and off-stage.

  • To the extent that they might be seen as representing the Choruses in other types of public interaction, Members are required to conduct themselves with respect for the impact their actions may have on the Choruses’ reputation and standing in the community.

  • We encourage Chorus members to be great advocates for the organization on their personal social media platforms. Staff will often provide you with images and approved video clips to share. Please follow these general guidelines:

  • In order to respect member privacy, please take care about how you use photos and videos. Obtain permission from the subjects before placing their images on any social media platforms.

  • Avoid taking images of backstage areas that include dressing and costume changes.

  • The evolving laws regarding audio and video recording are complicated. To protect the organization, do not upload any audio or video to any video sharing site like YouTube without express permission from Flying House Productions. Only those individuals who are asked by Chorus staff may video record, photograph, or audio record any part of a concert, tech, or dress rehearsal. Cameras (including camera phones) may not be on stage unless approved by Artistic Director or Staff.  Additionally, members may not sit in the audience during tech or dress and record the performance in any way.

  • Negative comments about the organization and its people should not be placed on public social media platforms and are subject to all member code of conduct guidelines.

  • A member of the marketing team would be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.