Code of Conduct - Policies & Procedures 




  • The Chorus is an ensemble, and any individual whose behavior is compromised due to substance abuse can harm the communal creative process and distract from the performance. Substance abuse also exposes the Choruses to liability in terms of insurance coverage, the ability to utilize venues, etc., and cannot be tolerated.

  • Members found to be using alcohol or drugs during Chorus activities, with the exception of sanctioned social events featuring alcohol, will be asked to leave the premises on that occasion. Members thought to be impaired at any Chorus events due to the influence of alcohol or other drugs consumed off-site (including prescription medication), will also be asked to leave the specific event, rehearsal or performance.

  • While individual incidents will be handled as above, a pattern of on-going impairment at Chorus activities will be documented and addressed by the Artistic Director and or the Director of Artistic Operations.